Uncategorized The Inside Scoop on What Is Really Happening in Denver’s Housing Market I recently took clients to see a $500K home in Centennial that sat on the market for much of the third quarter last year with little activity and no offers. Two weeks into the new year that home received four showings and multiple offers within a week and sold over the asking price. I called […]
Uncategorized Understanding Mortgage Rates and the Federal Reserve’s Impact As we approach the Federal Reserve’s next policy announcement, it’s important for those here in the Denver Metro to grasp the current state of mortgage rates and what potential changes could mean to the real estate market. This article aims to clarify these concepts in a simple yet thorough manner. Recent Trends in Mortgage Rates: […]
Uncategorized Guest Appearance: Empathy Meets Real Estate Several weeks ago I had the pleasure of being a guest on the Mile High Real Estate Podcast. This podcast is hosted by Brian Arnold, a mortgage broker specializing in reverse mortgages. We spent about 45 minutes talking about the Denver real estate market, how it has changed over the past several months, what buyers […]
Uncategorized Embracing Timelessness: The Enduring Appeal of Classic Design in Your Home In the world of home design, there’s a charm in the timeless, a beauty in the classic. As a real estate expert who has seen countless trends come and go, I’ve come to appreciate the enduring appeal of classic design elements in a home. Not only do they create an aesthetically pleasing environment, but their […]
Uncategorized Predictions for the Denver Real Estate Market in 2024 It’s hard to believe we will soon be saying goodbye to 2023 and hello to 2024. As it happens at the end of every year, there are a lot of predictions about how the real estate market will play out in the new year. Much of the speculation centers around buyers, sellers and interest rates, […]
Uncategorized Five Star Professional Legend
Uncategorized New Loan Limits: Good News for Buyers and Sellers Lots of exciting things happen this time of year. Holiday celebrations and parties are in full swing, holiday lights make everything festive and bright, kids (and parents, too) look forward to some much- needed time off from the school schedule during winter break, and the Federal Housing Finance Agency announces the new conforming loan limits […]
Uncategorized Looking for a Deal? Check Out New Builds By Renee Cohen November 14, 2023   It’s that time of year – we’re past Halloween, approaching Thanksgiving and inundated already with holiday music, light shows and celebrations. Also indicative of this time of year? Increased opportunity for deals on new construction homes.   Why is that? Short answer – builders want to sell their […]
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Uncategorized Clearing the Air: A Real Estate Expert’s Perspective on Broker Compensation and Transparency You may have heard in the news recently about a national class action case involving the real estate industry. I wanted to connect with you and share a few key points I think are important to know.   First, the crux of the case is transparency, specifically around how real estate brokers are compensated. The […]
Uncategorized Shifting Gears in the Denver Market Three key figures – 14, 99.19%, and 7,629 – shed light on the evolving dynamics of the Denver real estate market. The figure 14 represents the median Days in MLS (DIM), showcasing a notable 27.3% month-over-month increase. The 99.19% denotes the closed-to-list price ratio, essentially staying the course with a marginal -0.27% shift from the […]
Uncategorized A Blast from the Past: Understanding Housing Affordability Through the Decades The world of real estate is no stranger to cycles, trends, and shifts. As we navigate the complexities of today’s housing market, many find themselves drawing parallels to a bygone era—the 1980s. It was a decade marked by vibrant pop culture, technological revolutions, and, notably, a tumultuous housing market. With skyrocketing interest rates and unique […]
Uncategorized Why New Construction Should Be at the Top of Every Homebuyer’s List When embarking on the exciting journey of purchasing a home, many buyers are faced with a pivotal decision: should they opt for an existing home or consider new construction? I’ve witnessed the remarkable impact of new construction homes and the plethora of advantages they present. Let’s explore why new construction could be an ideal choice […]
Uncategorized Crafting Your Renovation Plan: 7 Tips for Success Renovating a home is an exciting journey filled with potential and creativity. But it’s also a complex process that requires careful planning, consideration, and strategy. Here are seven essential tips to help you craft a successful renovation plan, ensuring quality, value, and the transformation of your space into your dream home: Understand Your Vision: Define […]
Uncategorized From Hail to Prevail: A Guide to Roof Replacement in Denver Hello, Denver! In the aftermath of our recent hail storms, many homeowners are left grappling with a significant question: Is it time to replace my roof? It’s a question that calls for a comprehensive answer, informed by data, anecdotal evidence, and expert guidance. That’s what we’re here to discuss today. Let’s start by acknowledging a […]
Uncategorized Why Now is the Perfect Time to Sell Your Denver Home and Upgrade Hello, Denver! As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of the real estate market, I’m here to provide you with the latest insights and advice. Today, I want to talk about why now is an excellent time to sell your Denver home and purchase your move-up home. According to a recent article on Forbes, inflation is […]
Uncategorized Synthesizing the Statistics: Median Sale Price vs Average Sale Price In the world of residential real estate, knowledge is power. That knowledge, however, is only as accurate and reliable as the data on which it’s based. When considering the real estate market, two common metrics emerge: average sale price and median sale price. Though they may seem similar, they each reveal distinct facets of the […]
Uncategorized Synthesizing the Statistics: Closed Price-to-List Price Ratios 100.21%. That was the average Closed Price-to-List Price Ratio (CP/LP) across the Denver metro area in April 2023 (source – Denver Metro Association of Realtors Market Trends Report May 2023). That number is up from 99.79% during the previous month and down from 106.87% a year ago. This statistic offers valuable market insight to both […]
Uncategorized The Technological Boom: Impact on Greenwood Village’s Luxury Real Estate and the Fast-Growing Denver Tech Center Greetings, it’s Renee Cohen, your reliable real estate specialist in Colorado. Today, I want to delve into an intriguing evolution that’s sweeping over Greenwood Village and the surrounding Denver Tech Center (DTC) – the rise of technology, its impact on luxury real estate, and the fast-paced growth of the tech industry in the area. With […]
Uncategorized Shocking Increase in Property Valuations | What You Need to Know Did you receive your Property Valuation Notice and are you ready for what’s coming next? Increased property values may result in a significant INCREASE in your monthly mortgage payment!   The 2023 Property Valuation Notice has raised concerns about increased property valuations across the metro area. This is due to a strong economy, influx of […]
Uncategorized Synthesizing the Statistics: Showings-to-Pending Statistics. The word itself can elicit a love/hate response, depending on how you feel about them; those who love data and numbers dive right in while those who detest that material may recall suffering through a college course only because it was a requirement for a major. Yet, most industries rely on statistics and the […]