More About Me

Renee Cohen: Reputable. Remarkable. Real Estate.

If you ask my clients what sets me apart and makes them choose me as their Realtor, they'll tell you first and foremost I listen to them. Prior to my career in real estate I was a Licensed Clinical Social Worker; I'm trained to listen to people, hear their stories, understand their needs and help them get those needs met. And in real estate I do much the same thing. I listen to my clients, I hear their stories, I understand their needs and I help them get their real estate needs met.

I love educating my clients about the market, advocating and negotiating on their behalf and helping them make informed decisions. I love that my clients continuously come to me with questions about the market and for help through the buying and selling processes, and I love that they see me as their resource for all-things real estate. Give me a call, share your story with me, let me understand your needs, and it will be my pleasure to do everything I can to answer your questions and help you get your real estate needs met.