Central Park

Discover Central Park: Denver’s Urban Oasis

In 1995, the dawn of Denver International Airport marked the sunset of Stapleton International Airport, paving the way for Denver to metamorphose a sprawling 7.5 square miles of aviation infrastructure into a charming, vibrant community. This monumental endeavor emerged as the largest urban in-fill redevelopment in the nation, and remains one of the grandest in-fill projects globally.

The genesis of Central Park (formerly Stapleton) was a harmonious venture among business magnates, civic leaders, and passionate citizens, all united by a vision of Denver’s progressive growth. Their relentless efforts and substantial investments birthed the Green Book, a blueprint that steered the redevelopment. In 1998, Denver entrusted Forest City (now Brookfield Properties) as the master developer to bring the Green Book’s vision to fruition, with the redevelopment journey commencing in May 2001.

The ethos was simple yet profound: to encapsulate the essence of Denver’s iconic neighborhoods—lush parks, inviting front porches, alley-loaded garages, architectural diversity, tree-lined avenues, and more parks—into fresh urban enclaves. This endeavor was accentuated with modern ethos like water-wise landscaping, energy-efficient building standards, affordable housing, and a pedestrian-centric, mixed-use milieu where every essential amenity is just a leisurely walk or a brisk bike ride away.

Fast forward two decades, Central Park stands as a global exemplar of urban redevelopment, buzzing with the energy of bike races, farmers markets, and park concerts. It’s a community flourishing at a grassroots level, with residents and business proprietors each contributing a unique flavor to its cultural tapestry. Central Park has transcended into a realm far beyond any planner’s imagination.

Central Park: Your 80-Acre Playground in Denver

Nestled in Denver’s 80238, Central Park is not just a park—it’s an 80-acre haven of recreation and camaraderie. As Denver’s third-largest park, it’s a magnet for city dwellers seeking sledding thrills, RC boating adventures, team sports, and a whimsical Dr. Seuss-inspired playground for the little ones. Central Park is the epitome of the diverse recreational experiences Denver offers, making it a cornerstone of the community.

Here’s a glimpse of what Central Park features:

  • Athletic fields for the sports enthusiast
  • Jogging and biking paths for the fitness aficionado
  • A sledding hill for winter fun
  • An amphitheater for cultural events
  • A play fountain and large playground with climbing boulders for endless kids’ adventures
  • Covered picnic and party areas for memorable gatherings
  • Bocce ball courts for friendly competition
  • A serene lake for RC boating
  • Barbecue areas for summer cookouts
  • Indoor facilities for year-round activities

Central Park is more than just a collection of beautiful houses—it’s a thriving community where over 29,000 Denver residents and 100+ business owners come together to create a harmonious living experience. Each neighborhood within Central Park boasts its own unique style, catering to a myriad of preferences. Whether you fancy a bold, ultra-modern abode near bustling shops and eateries, or a serene urban estate with sprawling green vistas, your dream home awaits in Central Park.

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