Englewood: Your Gateway to a Balanced Colorado Lifestyle

Nestled comfortably within the vibrant aura of Denver, Englewood opens its arms to those seeking a harmonious blend of urban sophistication and suburban tranquility. Ranked #31 among the finest places to retire in Colorado, this charming suburb is more than just a peaceful retreat. With a population of 33,500, Englewood is a lively community in Arapahoe County that exudes a unique urban-suburban ambiance, offering its residents the best of both worlds.

As you stroll through the heart of Englewood, you'll be greeted by a plethora of cozy coffee shops, inviting parks, and a lively nightlife scene that earned it an A+ rating. The streets are lined with a diverse array of bars and restaurants, each telling a different story, each waiting to be explored.

The housing landscape in Englewood is as diverse as its culinary scene. Whether you're eyeing a quaint cottage or a modern apartment, there's a place for every preference. The real estate market here is inviting with a median home value of $409,800, providing a range of options for both renters and homeowners. The balanced rent-to-own ratio reflects a community that welcomes all, whether you're a young professional or looking to enjoy a serene retirement.

Englewood is not just a place to live; it's a community where you can thrive. The suburb is home to many young professionals, and with public schools that boast above-average ratings, it's a promising land for families too. The political landscape leans conservative, mirroring the balanced lifestyle the residents cherish.

Englewood's diversity is one of its richest assets, earning it an A- grade. It's a place where every face is familiar yet every day is different. The proximity to Denver keeps the urban energy alive, while the comforting embrace of the suburban lifestyle is a reminder of the tranquility that also exists.

Englewood is more than a suburb; it's a lifestyle, it's a community, it's home. Discover the blend of urban excitement and suburban comfort that Englewood offers. Your ideal Colorado lifestyle awaits in Englewood.

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